Yet another iOS blog. But there’s more

Welcome to yet another iOS blog. Insert basic welcome presentation texts and well structured reasons of why you should return.

Nah, just kidding. In all seriousness though, welcome and thank you for taking the time to read this blog. The reason for writing this, coming from a young and inexperienced fellow like me, is more complex and can be split into the following three needs.

  1. The need to give something back – I’ve been part of this community for quite a while now and I had access to free content from other professionals. I feel the need to give something back, not only to up and coming developers, but maybe to other people in need of another perspective on the same topic.
  2. The need to discuss or debate on several topics – each article is an invite for debate. There are a thousand ways to build a house, but also a million reasons for why one way is better than the other. Every input is valuable and welcome.
  3. The need to improve – by focusing on what I am writing about and finding the best way of presenting the topic makes me rethink it countless times before I find it worth presenting.

I have read many other blogs and most of them present mostly code and ways of solving iOS specific problems. However, I feel that there are other things that people would like to read about, such as how to behave with your clients or how to know how to best manage your time in order to get the most out it (be that coding, learning or whatever). I will also discuss such issues here.

So much for my introductory post. Thanks so much for tuning in and hoping to see you again here.

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